About the Author

N.G. Valentina is an author of page-turning, suspenseful romance novellas. Her upcoming debut, The Fear and Desire Series is composed of 5-gripping books you won’t want to put down. Her books are enjoyed by adults and teens alike, with characters that are relatable, clever, and fearless. A storyteller and visionary at heart, she departed from her career in the dental field to write professionally full-time.

Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California, she is the wife of a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer and mother of two rambunctious youngsters. She has also been a photographer hobbyist, a learner of foreign languages, and a world traveller swimming in the beautiful oceans of Ibiza, dancing with snake charmers and driving up the long, winding road to Andorra, Spain.

When she is not whipping up tasty home-cooked meals or kissing scraped knees, she can be found hiking the outdoors, painting acrylic on canvas, or visiting Anaheim for her much needed Disneyland fix.

“Thank you for following me in my journey through the art of literature.”

“I hope you enjoy my stories as you escape into a world of endless romantic possibilities.”

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